Adjusting CSV with DataTables and PapaParse

A quick way to manipulate CSV files using JavaScript. Read more.

Posted November 19, 2020
CSV Datatables JavaScript Papa Parse Programming

Using Command-Line, Extract a Video Clip from YouTube

A shell script to download and extract a video clip from YouTube. Read more.

Posted July 8, 2020
Command Line ffmpeg YouTube Programming

Website Detective: Python Flask, MongoDB and Celery

I have a simple profile page which I created several years ago, back when I was a studying for my Bachelor’s degree. Every once in a while, I log on to check, make sure things are working well and update the server. Read more.

Posted June 7, 2020
Python Python Flask Task Queues Mongodb Web logging

Serve NGINX the Right Way

Few decades ago, 31 years to be precise, the World Wide Web was invented by an English engineer, Tim Berners-Lee. During the course of developing the first web page, he wrote the first ever web server “httpd”. Fast forward to today, in the 21st century… it seems almost impossible to live without the Web. Read more.

Posted April 4, 2020
Nginx Ubuntu Web Server Web Security Programming

Some Interesting Tricks in Python Pillow

Image manipulation is basically a process of transforming digitised image into a desired image. Most of the times, when people think of image manipulation, photoshop is what comes to mind. Read more.

Posted Mar 16, 2020
Image Manipulation Coding Software Development Python Programming Image Processing

Integrating your Google Spreadsheet with Firebase Functions

Firebase Function is a type of serverless architecture (also know as serverless computing). Firebase is just one among many providers (eg AWS Lambda, Microsoft Azure Functions) of serverless computing. Read more.

Posted Mar 8, 2020
Firebase Serverless Architecture Firebase Cloud Functions Google Spreadsheets Nodejs

Another Javascript Library or Framework or Tool

Javascript is a programming language widely used by web developers and tester. Every day, every hour there is a new Javascript library, framework, tool or project being created and published. Read more.

Posted Feb 18, 2020
JavaScript Js Framework Js Libraries Web Development